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    Who We Are?

    PRL Transport, Inc. is a trucking company based in Birmingham, AL.
    We are one of the most dependable trucking companies in the USA.

    When it comes to transporting your valuables, we are a company that can be trusted. With all types of commercial vehicles from cargo vans to box trucks, we are the company for you. When transporting your valuables, having a reliable & trusted company comes first. With years of experience, PRL Transport, Inc. is the perfect fit for your needs.

    By choosing to work with our company, you will not be disappointed.
    Book with PRL Transport, Inc. NOW and we will fulfill all your hauling needs!

    What Makes PRL Transport, Inc the Company for You

    • We have a healthy communication systems between drivers, bases, and clients.
    • We set delivery schedules that can be met (i.e. setting the right expectations). We hire and retain reliable and safe drivers.
    • We understand what our clients are trying to achieve by helping them find the right distribution solution to create long-term relationships.
    • We build strong relationships in the private and government sectors.
    • PRL Transport, Inc. is SAM approved.
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    By booking PRL Transport, Inc. we make hauling easier. From beginning stages to when your product is delivered, our staff is working around the clock to make sure you are a satisfied returning customer. We not only provide support while your product is being shipped, but we keep you up to date throughout the shipping process.

    PRL continues to strive to make sure that you have great communication, strong healthy & work environments for our drivers, and a top notch referral system. Our clients are repeat customers because by booking with us, your products are in the right hands start to finish.

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    Book with PRL Transport, Inc NOW and we will fulfill all your hauling needs!

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